WWE 2K17
Разработчик Visual Concepts, Yuke's Media Creations
Жанр Файтинг
Канал дистрибуции Steam

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WWE 2K17 — файтинг от студии Yuke's и Visual Concepts. В WWE 2K17 игроки принимают участие в чемпионате по рестлингу. Чтобы одолеть противника, бойцы используют различные приёмы рукопашного боя, захваты и сподручные средства. Помимо одиночного режима карьеры, в игре представлены и многопользовательские режимы. Бой начинается сразу после загрузки матча, поэтому игроки могут атаковать своих противников сразу после того, как они появляются в зале.

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Обзоры к игре WWE 2K17

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      Cheat Code Central

      While the promos, commentary, and female wrestler treatment could use more fine-tuning, the rest of the game does a wonderful job of delivering an experience that’s just a bit more impressive than last year’s entry. For now, all we can keep hoping for in each new game is increased accuracy, larger rosters, better treatment of female wrestlers, and fresher color commentary.

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    • 82


      I really miss 2K Showcase, and 2K17 is still weak in areas that I feel should have been shored up by now, but its excellent combat, and generous amounts of customization help it retain its title.

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    • 78

      Digital Chumps

      WWE 2K17 has clear focus with what makes for a good wrestling experience. The visuals, the options for gameplay and the beautiful atmosphere of the game make this wrestling title worth your time. The controls do bring the gameplay down a bit, though, as they feel stiff and linear for the most part. Regardless, the rest of the game shows that Yuke’s and Visual Concepts has certainly started to point this series in the right direction.

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    • 70

      Xbox Achievements

      WWE 2K17 is a marginally better game than 2K16, as the core mechanics feel like they've been refined a bit, but with the fantastic 2K Showcase consigned to the bin and no new modes to replace it, this is a package that's now sorely lacking. You might as well play last year's game, unless you're a massive fan that has to have the most up to date roster possible. Otherwise, WWE 2K17 is an enjoyable wrestling game that could still do with a bit of a kick up the backside for next year's instalment.

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    • 65

      Riot Pixels

      WWE 2K17 заслуживает тех же слов, что и предшественницы, – получше, чем раньше, но далеко от категории «хорошо» и тем более «идеал».

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    • 60


      Playing WWE 2K17 is as frustrating as being a fan of Dolph Ziggler: There’s a lot of potential there, but those in charge of the game just won’t let it shine.

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    • 60

      Hardcore Gamer

      Fans looking for authentic and customizable WWE action at the expense of up-to-date graphics will surely get a kick out of the impressive amount of options and realistic animations available, which may be enough look past some of the game’s other issues. But for everyone else, it’s getting increasingly difficult to rely on 2K to provide a quality modern wrestling game that the medium and its ever-expanding base of devotees deserve.

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    • 60


      No matter how you spruce it up, however, WWE 2K17 isn't the substantial leap forward I was hoping for. The in-ring action is still serviceable, and refinements to various aspects of its combat make for a more enjoyable game than in previous years. But there are still a myriad of niggling issues holding it back, and the absence of 2K Showcase only compounds these problems.

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    • 60

      PlayStation LifeStyle

      For every smart gameplay change there is a missing feature or a worthless addition. The yearly release schedule is clearly making it difficult for the team to fix issues while also adding new features, so they’ll have to make a choice sooner rather than later if trying to juggle both each year is worthwhile. For now, WWE 2K17 is barely off Jericho’s list.

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    • 50

      We Got This Covered

      While WWE 2K17’s fighting action is slowly getting to the point where it’s a real contender, pretty much everything outside of the matches themselves – including the new Promo Engine, which is nonsensical - is riddled with glitches that degrade the experience to the point of frustration.

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