NBA 2K13
Издатель 2K Games
Разработчик Visual Concepts
Жанр Спорт
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NBA 2K13 - спортивная игра, разработанная студией Visual Concepts.  В NBA 2K13 представлены аутентичные баскетбольные команды и проработанная система владения мячом.

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Обзоры к игре NBA 2K13

    • 92


      NBA 2K13 again delivers by far the best presentation of all sports games. The realistic animations let you think one could really see a live NBA game. The commentators and the great audience are also a big part of the game's atmosphere. The change from the shot-stick to a dribble- and shot-stick is amazing and gives the player the chance to play like a real NBA pro. 2K Games and Visual Concepts again deliver the sports game of the year.

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    • 91


      The few Wii U-exclusive options are hardly worth double-dipping over if you've already bought it for another console, though, and odds are you won't use them much regardless.

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    • 91


      While the shift towards having more control on offense has left the defensive game a bit out of step, NBA 2K13 is still highly entertaining overall, offering enough changes to keep players interested in starting another career, season, player, or franchise.

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    • 90

      Nintendo Life

      It doesn’t mean much due to it having no competition the past couple of years but NBA 2K13 continues the series’ dominance in the basketball sim genre. My Career is enough to keep you enthralled for quite some time, and with all the other features crammed on the disc you certainly won’t be left wanting. The intricacies of real basketball are all there, and pairing that with the killer work Jay-Z has put into wrapping it up in the appropriate vibe has created a killer package that hoops fans won’t want to pass up.

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    • 90


      NBA 2K13 по-прежнему остается самым атмосферным, захватывающим и правдоподобным баскетбольным симулятором на планете. Здесь самые реалистичные зрители, которые обнимаются и покупают хот-доги; главные тренеры команд, снующие туда-сюда мимо собственной скамейки, и даже сотрудники стадиона, ждущие своего выхода на площадку со шваброй в руках. Завершают картину превосходные комментаторы, которые не только рассказывают анекдоты во время трансляции, но и охотно забрасывают вас историческими справками и меткими экспресс-комментариями по ходу встречи.

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    • 90


      You couldn't get closer to the real game if you had Spike Lee's seats at MSG. The labyrinthine interface, lack of tutorials, and obnoxious Jay-Z production form a barrier when first warming up to the game, but the enhanced right-stick controls, depth, and sheer realism of everything will hook you after logging a couple of hours on the hardwood.

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    • 90


      True to the series, NBA 2K13 is even better, in terms of production value, content, gameplay, all the while managing to gain in accessibility. It also boasts a new career mode and the Ultimate Team mode. It's probably the best sport simulation ever.

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    • 90

      PlayStation LifeStyle

      With no real competition in the NBA video game arena, 2K Sports could have phoned this one in and still dribbled away with a boat load of cash. Instead, they took a well designed NBA 2K12 and polished it up, threw in a few more needed additions, added some bells and whistles, and finished what could possibly be the Sports Game of the Year.

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    • 88

      Game Informer

      Niggling complaints aside, NBA 2K13 puts in another solid performance with its unrivaled broadcast-style presentation, improved online experience, and the best single-player mode in sports. None of its new features revolutionize sports simulations, and cutting out the historical mode was a poor decision, but it's still a polished experience NBA fans should enjoy.

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    • 80


      NBA 2K13 offers a solid upgrade from last year's installment, but there's still enough unnecessary frustration here to make me believe there's room for something greater.

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    • 70


      For the first time since it went from being a good basketball game to a cultural touchstone, it's taken a step backwards. The controls have become far too complex for much of its audience, and there's no one mode that captures your attention as much as the now-absent Jordan and Greatest challenges.

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