Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive
Издатель Konami Digital Entertainment
Издатель в России СофтКлаб
Разработчик Konami
Жанр Экшен (Шутер)
Официальный сайт www.konami.com
Локализация Русские субтитры
Канал дистрибуции Steam

Дата выхода

  • В мире

  • В России

Краткая инфомарция

Metal Gear Survive — эшкен от третьего лица от студии Konami. Действие игры разворачивается в фантастическом мире, кишащим монстрами. Игрокам необходимо собираться в группы, чтобы строить аванпосты, добывать ресурсы и пытаться выжить.

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Обзоры к игре Metal Gear Survive

    • 85

      PlayStation LifeStyle

      Those who are able to accept Metal Gear Survive for what it is will find one of the most captivating survival games in recent memory. It’s an incredibly unforgiving experience, which can definitely be detrimental at times, but one that ultimately feels fulfilling.

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    • 80

      Push Square

      Metal Gear Survive is not what many envisioned the follow up to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to be, but that doesn’t inherently make it a bad game. This is definitely a different experience, thanks to the introduction of survival mechanics and the extensive base building, but these aspects actually benefit what the title is going for. With a punishing but fascinating open world to explore, a crafting system that allows for all manner of items to be fashioned, and a suitably bizarre story that is sure to surprise even series veterans, Metal Gear Survive is likely to please those that give it a solid chance.

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    • 80


      With a confusing and frustrating jumping-off point, it may be hard to break into Metal Gear Survive. Those that manage to stick around, however, should expect to find something worth surviving for.

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    • 65


      Survive might not compare well to the tactical espionage action that’s defined the Metal Gear series we know and love, but its oddly hit-or-miss combo of some solid old ideas and some clumsy new ones has at least some appeal.

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    • 60

      Hardcore Gamer

      Sadly, its invasive microtransaction structure and otherwise lack of engagement as a Metal Gear/stealth entrant is what will likely stand as its greatest downfall — inevitably cancelling out all the goodwill the game creates in its shorter spells. Metal Gear Survive as a whole isn’t the utter abomination many had suspected it would be, but it doesn’t push itself beyond the still-waning status of being tepidly average.

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    • 55


      There’s a weird, enjoyable story in Metal Gear Survive for players who make it past the game’s grueling opening hours, and there are flashes of a great survival game. But with a threadbare connection to the 30-year history of Metal Gear and a comparatively shallow game made in the shadow of The Phantom Pain, it’s hard to recommend enduring the whole thing.

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    • 50


      Metal Gear Survive feels oppressive, demanding, and obtuse, and needlessly so. It's a shame because there's actually a good survival game in there, but the pressures it places on you make uncovering and enjoying that unappealing.

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    • Gametech

      Игра безнадёжно устарела на момент выхода. На рынке хватает симуляторов выживания с более увлекательной механикой, будь то строительство базы, сражения, простор для экспериментирования с собранными ресурсами или возможности для кооперативного взаимодействия. В Metal Gear Survive вас ждут только толпы одинаковых врагов, скудная по меркам жанра подборка оружия и защитных сооружений, простая система развития, а также вгоняющие в уныние поединки и необходимость постоянно набивать желудок героя. Если Konami таким способом хотела предложить что-то новое для серии, то эта затея с треском провалилась.

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