LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Издатель WB Games
Издатель в России СофтКлаб
Разработчик TT Games
Жанр Экшен/Аркада
Официальный сайт marvelsuperheroes.lego.com
Сайт в России www.1csc.ru
Канал дистрибуции Steam

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LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes — трехмерный платформер от студии Traveller's Tales. В LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes игроки, в роли персонажей вселенной Marvel, должны спасти мир от сил зла. Всего в Marvel Super Heroes представлено более 100 героев и злодеев.

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Обзоры к игре LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

    • 90

      Nintendo Life

      If you’re looking for a fun way to unwind, relax, and have a laugh alone or with some friends, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is exactly the game to fulfill that need. It’s pure family-friendly fun that squeezes in just enough variety to ensure that players of all ages will find something to enjoy. A heroic feat, indeed.

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    • 90


      The flight controls are clunky, and the character switching is nonsensical, leaving several buttons seemingly perfect for the job completely unused, but none of these tarnish what is the strongest Lego title yet, and the best Marvel game ever made.

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    • 90


      The best thing to happen to Marvel games since 2006's Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It's a warm and witty, multi-layered approach to the brand that ties in hundreds of Marvel's most iconic characters, settings, and stories.

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    • 90

      Game Informer

      Ultimately, Lego Marvel marks the first time I’ve had as much fun in the hub world as in the story-based missions. Variety abounds, and the split-screen lets players explore the city on their own. I made it my mission to find bricks and solve the unexpectedly clever puzzles to unlock extras, while my son was happy to rampage through the streets as Venom.

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    • 90

      Game Informer

      Traveller’s Tales continues its streak of making every one of its games better than the last, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a lighthearted game with plenty of replay – whether or not they have a closet filled with polybagged first editions.

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    • 90


      Like its predecessors, Lego Marvel has surface flaws - but it's so generous with its content, so clearly head-over-heels in love with the characters and world it's inherited from the comic page and cinema screen, and so reliably, reassuringly designed from the ground up to both enchant and inspire young minds, that it's impossible to allow the slight technical scruffiness to sour the experience.

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    • 87


      Some warranted frustration knocks the game down a peg, but on occasion quantity can trump quality. Well, maybe not exactly. It’s not that being drowned in figures, vehicles, unique levels, tons of bonus objectives and an open world is enough on its own, but each element is handled with enough TLC that there the mere minutes it takes to do a simple challenge can form an addiction.

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    • 86

      Digital Chumps

      Tt Games does a great job with taking the Marvel universe and applying it to fun gameplay and big, somewhat sandbox-like, environments. There’s plenty to do and discover with this LEGO entry. Fans of the series won’t be disappointed.

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    • 86

      Digital Chumps

      Marvel Super Heroes is the latest, possibly greatest, in the revered LEGO games franchise. The Wii U's exclusive benefit of each player having their own screen is a big deal, but this is a fun game regardless of the platform you play it on.

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    • 85


      Разумеется от этой части ждали чего-то большего, учитывая 18 игр в серии, но, если опустить все основные проблемы LEGO Marvel Super Heroes в виде несговорчивой камеры, неприятных ошибок и туповатых противников, мы получили добротный проект, способный затянуть вас в свой мир с головой и, не на один вечер.

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    • 85


      LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the Avengers game we've always wanted, and maybe even more than that -- the Marvel game we've always wanted, and I say that well-aware of the fact that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are out there.

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    • 85


      Fans of Lego games will sure have a fun time with LEGO Marvel. Marvel fans will find a ton of references and fan service, and parents looking for something to play with their kids will find a really fun and charming game in Lego Marvel, and since The Avengers is such a hot ticket with the kids these days, I sure they’ll love it. I was deeply surprised at how much fun I had with it.

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    • 85

      Xbox Achievements

      Limited only by story levels that grow tired towards the end, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is nevertheless a wonderfully witty, fun romp with a huge cast of characters and an impressively large and varied open-world hub. TT Games has done it again.

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    • 85


      Anyone could enjoy Lego Marvel Super Heroes' tightly-designed systems and colorful world, but for someone who grew up reading The Avengers — or is growing up watching them now — it offers something I never thought I'd see: a virtual recreation of a huge swath of the Marvel Universe in all its sensational, astonishing and uncanny glory.

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    • 80


      Marvel Super Heroes – это традиционная LEGO игра со своими достоинствами и недостатками, сотней супергероев, стандартным коллекционированием и достаточным количеством внутренних шуток и гэгов для поддержания положительной атмосферы интерактивного приключения.

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    • 80

      Gamereactor UK

      The knock on the Lego games is that a lot of them feel overly familiar after a while, but to be honest, their familiarity has become something of a strength over time. If you have never had much time for the Lego games before now, this one won't change your mind. But if you know the difference between Dormammu and Deadpool, you'll be right at home here.

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    • 80


      Это абсолютно та же самая игра, что и много раз до этого, со всеми преимуществами и недостатками прошлых LEGO-проектов. Но если вы любитель персонажей вселенной Marvel — это определенно ваш выбор.

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    • 80


      Перед нами все еще LEGO, а они сами по себе не слишком тянут на высший балл. Все-таки уровни бесстыдно копируют сами себя, динамика провисает, а головоломки носят чисто символический характер. Зато это идеальная игра для вечера в семейном кругу, нераздражающая и понятная даже ребенку. Что-то лучшее для отдыха найти сложно.

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    • 80

      Push Square

      LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is arguably the most ambitious entry in Traveller’s Tales’ long-running series, and it’s an extremely enjoyable one at that. The developer’s delivered a title that will appeal to casual players and die-hard Marvel fans alike, which is a laudable achievement.

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    • 80

      Hardcore Gamer

      LEGO Marvel Super Heroes may be rough around the edges with a shaky sandbox setting, screen tearing and generic music, but it does right by the Marvel universe and offers an experience that can be loved by both devoted fans and children alike.

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    • 80


      В восемнадцатый раз Traveller's Tales делает одну и ту же игру – меняя контент и добавляя детали, но сохраняя работающий формат 2005 года.

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    • 79


      Lego Marvel Super Heroes – хорошая игра, которая молодит вас и вашу душу, создавая для пользователя экскурсию по эмоциям детства. Она заставляет вспомнить время, когда ты сам придумывал себе воображаемые приключения. Только в этот раз всё сделали за вас, создав яркий мир головоломок, насыщенный смешными деталями и привлекательными образами знакомых героев.

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    • 70


      As a near-perfect mix of brands, Lego Marvel Super Heroes works as well as you would imagine, it’s just a shame that the framework the game is built on is starting to show its age.

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    • 70


      Whether you're looking for a way to take down the Juggernaut or working to help a random citizen in Free Play mode, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is all sorts of web-slinging, shield-flinging, Hulk-smashing fun.

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    • 70

      Total Xbox

      Adults and older kids will probably vibe with the GTA-like open world a bit more, though the basic physics and challenges make it very 'GTA-lite', too. What's urgently needed, though, is a patch for the flight controls that make it a game best enjoyed from the ground, ridiculous as that is for a superhero game.

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    • 70


      All the superstars from Marvel are there, in a large open world filled with content. LEGO Marvel Heroes is probably the most complete game of the series, but it still doesn't innovate too much. The formula must change a little now.

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    • 70


      Выворачивающая наизнанку ваши любимые вселенные серия всегда была для повзрослевших детей — второй, после игрушечной железной дороги случай, когда можно рассказывать окружающим о своем увлечении, не боясь прослыть инфантильным дурачком. LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes в этом плане отлично работает — она держит баланс между тринадцати и тридцатилетними.

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    • 65


      Лучшая характеристика LEGO Marvel Super Heroes — «еще один». Те же самые действия, тот же кооператив, то же примитивное удовольствие, то же недоумение.

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    • 60


      Lego Marvel Super Heroes couldn’t slay all of its technical villains, but there’s plenty of fun to be had despite those shortcomings. How often do you get to control legendary Marvel superheroes in an urban sandbox, flying around and destroying things as you please?

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    • Gametech

      За пределами привычных уже проблем LEGO-сериала в виде туповатых напарников и несговорчивой камеры Marvel Super Heroes является отличной игрой. Герои шутят и высмеивают коллег по цеху, кампания изумляет масштабными сражениями с боссами и не грешит затянутыми сценами. Как и положено, в игре полно секретов, а в знаковые локации, вроде башни Тони Старка или Асгарда, хочется возвращаться снова и снова. Если вы перестали следить за LEGO-сериалом, то самое время дать ему второй шанс.

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