Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
Издатель tiny Build GAMES
Разработчик Eagle Dynamics
Жанр Экшен (Хоррор)
Официальный сайт www.helloneighborgame.com
Канал дистрибуции Steam

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Краткая инфомарция

Hello Neighbor — приключенческий хоррор от первого лица, в котором главный герой пытается пробраться в дом своего соседа, чтобы узнать, какие именно тайны он там скрывает. В игре реализован продвинутый искусственный интеллект, который адаптируется под поведение игрока, чтобы более эффективно ему противостоять.

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    • 41


      Hello Neighbor is a frustrating slog through a gauntlet of illogical puzzles that rely on persistence and thoroughness far more than cleverness, observation, or ingenuity. The stealth is hit-or-miss, alternating between feeling too punishing and borderline irrelevant from act to act. Some clever level design and a clear talent for making me feel creeped out eased the frustration, but don’t present enough of a reason for me to recommend anyone put themselves through 15-20 hours of this. I wish I’d just stayed on my own side of the fence.

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      Hello Neighbor is a game you persevere in due to sheer luck rather than any sort of actual skill, foresight, or cleverness. There's no catharsis, insight, or revelations waiting at the end of the ordeal, just a sort of uneasy malaise over what the images and environments near the end are meant to represent. As such, a simple, appealing concept is rendered inert.

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