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FIFA 17 — футбольный симулятор от студии EA Sports. В игре представлены различные нововведения, которые коснулись баланса между обороной, полузащитой, атакой и взаимодействий игроков друг с другом на поле. Помимо того, FIFA 17 — это первая игра в знаменитой серии, построенная на базе высокотехнологичного игрового движка Frostbite.

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Обзоры к игре FIFA 17

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      PlayStation LifeStyle

      The most important part of FIFA 17, the actual gameplay, is as solid and dependable as ever. On-field action feels like the pace has been sped up a bit, but it’s nothing that’s going to lead to balance issues. In fact, given last season’s deliberately slower pacing, this is probably a welcome enhancement.

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      FIFA 17, thanks mainly to The Journey, feels like a reintroduction to the things that have made this series EA Sports’ pride and joy for the past eight years. It may be a safe and well-trod story path, but it’s walked with characters I cared about. When I finished The Journey, I beelined for Be a Pro, something I have rarely touched, to create myself there and carry on what I had learned with Alex Hunter.

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      FIFA’s commitment to an authentic soccer experience shines with a new story mode, improvements to graphics, an approachable learning curve, and a kick-ass soundtrack.

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      FIFA 17 остается футбольным симулятором обо всем и для всех. С новой графикой, сюжетным режимом и кучей нововведений в игровом процессе — в игре есть все, что нужно простому фанату футбола.

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    • 84


      For all that FIFA promises something for every football fan, from the casual observer to the full-kit fanatic, I still find myself wishing that EA Sports would spend a little more time focusing on the basics. You could probably create the perfect football game by letting Konami handle everything on the pitch, with EA Sports responsible for everything off it. But FIFA plays well enough that the gains elsewhere – in terms of licensing, authenticity, and big-match atmosphere – more than compensate for those shortcomings.

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    • 83

      Xbox Achievements

      Another strong offering from EA Canada, the series' first go with the Frostbite engine has breathed new life into FIFA. Arguably the best one since FIFA 14, FIFA 17 is a positive step in the right direction, despite failing to deliver a game of football that's as responsive, smooth and eminently playable as PES in its prime. That said, FIFA 17 represents a more complete football package in terms of content, delivering unparalleled authenticity with its licenses, commentary and overall presentation.

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    • 80

      Push Square

      The Journey is FIFA 17's headline act, and it's a surprising success. The story of Alex Hunter is this year's centrepiece, and adds yet more value to the already robust and rock solid footie offering that we've come to expect of the series. What's more, the jump to the Frostbite engine has worked wonders as far as presentations is concerned. As accessible as it is comprehensive.

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      Hardcore Gamer

      Instead of churning out the same old rehash of last year’s game, EA Canada has chosen to add a whole new element to their soccer sim. From the fast fluid gameplay, to Alex Hunter’s story, FIFA 17 puts together everything into what has to be the most complete package of football that we’ve seen to date.

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      We Got This Covered

      There are plenty of improvements in FIFA 17 that will keep franchise fans happy, and the playing time provided by Alex Hunter’s story is almost worth the asking price alone, but the visual evolution has come at a bit of a cost to the gameplay.

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      Digital Spy

      If you're a FIFA 17 fan, go ahead and buy it – you won't regret your purchase. Just be aware that, right now, EA's game can't match the standard of the new console footie king – PES 2017.

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    • 65


      While the game is amazing at its core, it's beset by infuriating bugs. The Journey shows promise, but drags on too long, becoming a dull grind before it comes to a close. It's a good start for FIFA on its new engine, there are too many kinks that have yet to be worked out.

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