Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Издатель BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Издатель в России СофтКлаб
Разработчик Arc System Works
Жанр Файтинг
Локализация Русские субтитры
Канал дистрибуции Steam

Дата выхода

  • В мире

  • В России

Краткая инфомарция

Dragon Ball FighterZ — это двухмерный файтинг от студии Arc System Works. Игра основана на популярной серии манги и аниме Dragon Ball, а игроки могут взять на себя роли известных героев, участвующих в командных поединках. Герои наделены различными способностями, которые они могут использовать в схватках.

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Обзоры к игре Dragon Ball FighterZ

    • 90


      FighterZ is complex and distinct enough to be enjoyed by fighting game competitors, but there's no question that it's been designed to tap into the hearts of Dragon Ball's most dedicated fans, and no doubt those same qualities will win people over who've never given the series a chance.

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    • 90

      Push Square

      Utterly stunning in motion and effortlessly capturing the essence of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a masterful video game adaptation. Its combat system is relentlessly entertaining, fusing anime sensibilities with traditional, competitive fighting game mechanics, and its accessible controls allow anyone to get in on the action. Meanwhile, the online portion of the release is robust, and really sets the bar for social interaction when it comes to fighting games. Dragon Ball FighterZ is pretty much the best anime fighting game ever made.

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    • 90


      Идеальный файтинг для тех, кто очень любит драки по-азиатски, но боится иметь дело со Street Fighter или Tekken.

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    • 90


      While there have been many fighting games based on the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball FighterZ marks a modern approach through the means of fast-paced action. From its breathtaking visuals to ease of gameplay mastery, the new fighter is a good stepping stone to expand the fan base of the genre. However, it may not satisfy players who are looking for complexity.

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    • 90

      Hardcore Gamer

      Dragon Ball FighterZ has excellent gameplay mechanics and successfully captures the Dragon Ball spirit. Dragon Ball FighterZ is not just a must-play title for gamers who love Dragon Ball Z, but also for the fighting game community as a whole.

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    • 85


      Dragon Ball as a series has always forefronted epic battles. In each episode of the cartoon, godlike warriors transformed the landscape in fantastic one-on-one fights with ease. In FighterZ, anyone can feel like that in any fight. I’ve been waiting for a Dragon Ball game like this ever since I first saw the cartoon in grade school, and I’m so happy this day has come.

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    • 85


      Between the accessible auto combos, homing attacks, and simplified command inputs, Dragon Ball FighterZ is an inviting gateway into the world of fighting games for newcomers — whether you’re a Dragon Ball fan or not. Those easy controls can open the door to some spammy behavior, but just as often it’s satisfying in a way that does right by the Dragon Ball name. Dragon Ball FighterZ has enough depth and complexity to glow as brilliantly as a Super Saiyan.

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    • 80


      Dragon Ball FighterZ is not only true to its source material, but ranks among the best as a 2D fighting game. How long you stick with it might be entirely dependent on how much you love the series, though.

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